I hate this. I wish I could just go home.
Apparently I do all these things “wrong” but nobody tells me what I do. And apparently there’s something “wrong” with me sleeping on the couch…no fucking idea why. I come out here when everyone is in bed and leave early for work before anyone needs the couch… It’s warm, dark and quiet in the lounge. Got sick of being woken up all night in the bedroom because my boyfriend is on fucking playstation and talking to people all night, it’s too bright in there with the huge TV too, plus the room doesn’t get heated because the door is always shut….
What is so fucking wrong with me wanting a good nights sleep ???

when someone’s trying to have an online conversation with you and they’re like, “So how are you?”
And you say, “Yeah I’m alright.” But don’t say “What about you?” and they just keep throwing you these questions expecting you to be like “You?” but you don’t hahaha. Get it, I don’t wanna talk. K.